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About the East Maitland Respiratory and Sleep Clinic

East Maitland Respiratory and Sleep Clinic offers a full range of lung function tests using state of the art equipment in our laboratory supervised by our highly qualified respiratory and sleep consultant physician. 

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Dr. Tun Myat
Respiratory and Sleep Physician


Dr Tun Myat is a respiratory and sleep consultant physician. After his graduation in 2003, he went to the UK and worked in several NHS hospitals for further post-graduation training. Dr. Myat completed his basic physician training at Liverpool Hospital and completed his advanced training in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine at The Royal North Shore and St George Hospitals. He has extensive knowledge and a special interest in respiratory failure, non-invasive ventilation and worked as a Sleep/Respiratory Failure fellow at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney.

Dr. Myat is a visiting physician at Maitland Private and Lake Macquarie Private Hospital. He also worked as a senior staff specialist at Maitland Public Hospital for many years. Due to increasing community demand, he decided to serve the hunter community at his private practice. He is a founder and director of both Hunter Respiratory and Sleep Centre and Maitland pulmonary function laboratory. Dr. Myat is a Conjoint lecturer of South West Sydney Clinical School. He also has a strong affiliation with the Thoracic Society of Australian and New Zeeland (TSANZ), Australasian Sleep Association (ASM), American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), and American College of Chest Physicians.

Dr. Myat specialises in sleep-related breathing problems (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea) and other non-respiratory sleep disorders such as Insomnia, Parasomnias, Circadian rhythm sleep disorder, and Narcolepsy. His respiratory specialties include a particular interest in Airway diseases, Pulmonary hypertension, Chronic respiratory failure, Non-invasive ventilation, and Interventional bronchoscopy.